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One of questions we have been hearing is: "what does CBYRA do for OD racers and fleets?"  

As OD racing began to change and go its own way in the past decade, there has been little attempt to coordinate schedules and events.  

This affects Handicap Racing, too, as OD events can cut down on available crew and race management options.  

We at CBYRA are trying to revive an attempt to, at the very least, publish a schedule of events and let OD racers know of other events that affect their fleets, tbings like clinic and  race management seminars.  Team racing is another variation of OD racing that we'd like to support and publicize. 

So we hope to develop these OD pages on our site and ask the OD racing community to chime in with any content they'd like to share -- photos from your events would be hugely appreciated!

Thanks for your patience and support!


Upcoming One-Design Events:

Sat - Sun    July 16,17               SSA   Severn Sailing Association               Day Sailer Summer Series, Snipe Summer Series


Sat - Sun     July 16,17               GIYC  Gibson Island Yacht Club                 Miller Series (Green Star)

Fri- Sun July 22-24                    CYC   Cambridge Yacht Club                    1st Annual CYC Fun Regatta

Sat - Sun     July 23,24                CRYC  Corsica River Yacht Club                Annual Regatta

Sat - Sun     July 23,24                 SSA   Severn Sailing Association            505 Summer Series, Johnson 18, Lighting Summer Series (Sun.only)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Sat.            July 23                     AYC     Annapolis Yacht Club                     Summer One Design

Sat.            July 30                     HYC    Hampton Yacht Club                       HYC Tom Brady Masters Race

Sat - Sun     July 30,31                SSA     Severn Sailing Association             Laser (Radial) Summer Series, Laser (Full) Summer Series, Vanguard 15 Mid-Atlantics 


Fri-Sun    Aug.4-7       WRSC West River Sailing Club       Jet 14 Natl.Championship , Jet 14 Women’s/Junior National Championship 

Sat, Sun    Aug.6, 7      SSA Severn Sailing Association     J/70 Mid-Summer Invitational 

Sat,  Sun     Aug 13,14     TAYC Tred Avon Yacht Club     Oxford Regatta-One Design Jr.& Adult  CBYRA Qualifier for Mid-Atlantic Midget Championship, TAYC Lipton Cup-Star Fleet 

Sat, Sun     Aug 13,14     SSA Severn Sailing Association     Johnson 18 Fall Series, Thistle Fall Series, 505 Summer Series (Sun.only) 

Sat, Sun      Aug 13,14 FBYC Fishing Bay Yacht Club     77th Annual One Design Regatta 

Fri, Sat,Sun      Aug 19-21 HYC Hampton Yacht Club      Hampton One-Design National Championship 

Sun. Aug 21      FBYC Fishing Bay Yacht Club       Legacy of Sail Regatta 

Sat. Aug 27       FBYC Fishing Bay Yacht Club       One Design Fall Series 1 

Sat,Sun Aug 27, 28     HdG Havre de Grace Yacht Club      Duck Challenge Regatta, Lighting 

Sat. Aug 27      USNA US Naval Academy       Recovering Warrior Regatta 

Sat,Sun Aug 27,28     SSA Severn Sailing Association      Laser (Radial) Fall Series, Laser (Full) Radial Fall Series, Snipe Fall Series 

Sat, Sun     Aug27,28     TAYC Tred Avon Yacht Club      William H. Myers Heritage Regatta 

Sun. Aug 28     HYC Hampton Yacht Club      HYC Singlehand Race 

Sat, Sun Sept 3,4      SSA Severn Sailing Association     Thistle Crab Regatta, Star Fall Series, Soling Fall Series 

Sat, Sun Sept 10,11     SSA Severn Sailing Association     505 Fall Series, Day Sailor Fall Invitational , Lighting Fall Series 


Fri-Sun Sept 9-11     AYC Annapolis Yacht Club     US Women’s Match Racing Championship 

Fall Harbor Regatta (Sept 11 only) 

Fri-Sun Sept 10-11     USNA US Naval Academy      Laser South/Radial Open 

Sat. Sept 11     FBYC Fishing Bay Yacht Club      One Design Fall Series 2 

Sat. Sept 17     FBYC Fishing Bay Yacht Club      Fall Laser Regatta 

Sat,Sun Sept 17,18     RBSA     Rehoboth Bay Sailing Assoc.     Hobie Fleet 106 

Fri-Sun Sept 16-18     SSA Severn Sailing Association     505 East Coast Championship 

Sun. Sept 18     CRYC Corsica River Yacht Club     Pumpkin Patch 

Sun. Sept 18 WRSC West River Sailing Club Capt.Dick Hartge Race 

Sat, Sun Sept 24, 25 USNA US Naval Academy MAISA Men’s Singlehanded Championship


Sat,Sun Sept 24,25     AYC Annapolis Yacht Club     Team Race Challenge Regatta 

Sat, Sun Sept 24,25     MRYC Miles River Yacht Club     Harold Schuster Fall Star Regatta 

Sat. Sept 24     HYC Hampton Yacht Club     Serio Regatta 

Sun. Sept 25     FBYC Fishing Bay Yacht Club     Indian Summer Regatta (FS3) 

Sat,Sun Sept. 24, 25 SSA Severn Sailing Association Laser (Radial) Crab Claw Laser (Full Rig) Crab Claw 

Sat,Sun Oct 1,2     WRSC West River Sailing Club     John McLaughlin Beach Cat Memorial


Sat,Sun Oct 1,2     USNA United States Naval Academy     Intrepid Trophy Match Race 

Sat. Oct 1     RHYC Rock Hall Yacht Club     Hard Rock Laser Masters 

Sat,Sun Oct 1,2     SSA Severn Sailing Association     Snipe Frigid Digit , Day Sailor Fall Series, Johnson 18 Phoenix Cup 


Sat,Sun     Oct. 8,9 SSA     Severn Sailing Association     Thistle Oyster Roast




Team racing items

Link to AYC's Team Racing webpage is:  http://www.annapolisyc.com/racing/teammatchracing


Championships & Out of Town Events

•  Albacore Mid Atlantic Championship  May 28 - 29

•  Snipe North American Championship    June 3-5

•  Laser Atlantic Coast Championship  June 10 - 12

•  Comet North American Championship  June 18 - 19

•  Lightning Atlantic Coast Championship  July 15 - 17

•  Thistle Dornin Memorial Regatta  September 17 - 18

•  Star North American Championship  September 27 - October 2



News From Around the Bay


The Tred Avon Yacht Club has been selected to host the 2018 Star World Championships which will be held in early October 2018                                                                                                                      

The success of the 2014 Start North American Championship played a huge role in TAYC’s selection to host such a prestigious and historic event. The history of the Star class and the Star World Championship is extremely rich going back to 1923. The United States has hosted the event many times but only four times in the last 10 years. TAYC and Oxford, Maryland will soon join the ranks of other Star Worlds Championships host sites such as Miami, Buenos Aires, San Diego, Hyeres, Perth, Rio de Janeiro, Varburg, Cascals, and San Francisco to name a few. The Chesapeake Bay has hosted three prior Championships- The Chesapeake Bay Fleet off Gibson Island hosted the Championship in 1930 and 1951 and more recently the Annapolis Yacht Club hosted the event in 2000. TAYC member connections to the World Championship include Robert Lippincott (winning skipper in 1950), Skip and Mary Ethcells (winning team in 1951) and current member Andrew Campbell (runner-up Skipper in 2013).

The 2016 Star Worlds took place last week in Miami, Florida. To learn more about the Star Worlds, please visit: