HP Series Criteria

HP Series Criteria

Criteria to Participate in a Regatta as a Junior Sailor is as follows:

(1) Age:  Sailors may only compete if (a) they will not be older than twenty (20) years of age at any time during 2023 (i.e., their twenty first (21st) birthday occurs no earlier than January 1, 2024) AND (b) they have not competed in any collegiate sailing event prior to the regatta.

(2) Compensation:  As this is an amateur regatta held in the Corinthian spirit of competition, sailors may not compete as skipper or crew if they are or will be paid or otherwise compensated for participating in the regatta.  By registering for the regatta, each sailor affirms that neither he/she nor his/her crew is being paid or otherwise compensated for competing.

High Point Series Criteria

CBYRA Junior Sailing hosts a season-long High Point (HP) Racing Series.  The HP system provides a way to measure each sailor’s performance against all of the other sailor’s performance in a particular fleet throughout the season without having to sail in all of the same regattas. HP is calculated for Club 420s, Laser Radials, and Optimist fleet events.

The HP Series uses a scoring formula that takes into consideration the total points earned (based on boats beaten) throughout the season’s racing, as compared to the total possible points (i.e. if the sailor won every regatta they entered).  Additional points are earned for participation in our region’s Junior Olympic Sailing Festival, Maryland State Championship and the Virginia Commonwealth Championship, plus for participation in more than 7 events.

The top performing skippers and crews in each fleet are recognized for their achievements at our annual awards ceremony.  Awards are given to the highest scorers in Laser Radial, Club 420, Optimist fleets, and top Opti girl sailors.  Awards are also given for overall regatta participation to recognize those sailors who have competed in at least 10 CBYRA regattas.

High Point Qualification Requirements

In order to qualify for the final standings and High Point Awards, sailors need to:

  • be a current CBYRA Junior Member (or part of a CBYRA family membership).  Individual Junior Memberships are available as well as family memberships.  Join or Renew
  • enter ‘the Series’ by completing the series registration form.  There are fees charged to register and enter individual events, but there is no fee to complete the series registration process, which is for administrative and scorekeeping purposes only. 
  • compete in at least 5 High Point regattas.  At least one regatta out of the 5 must be in 2 out of our 3 regions.  (Eastern Shore, Western Shore, Virginia) Example: Attend 4 regattas on the Western Shore, and 1 in Virginia or the Eastern Shore)    

Significant effort goes into scheduling and coordinating the regattas that comprise the Junior HP series, and the CBYRA organization provides the structure and authority of the Junior Division Committee to do this. The majority of the effort is provided by volunteers, but CBYRA does have expenses to administer the organization so your membership and support is needed.

Regardless of your membership status or regatta participation, results will be recorded and factored into the overall competitor formula.  However, at the end of the year, you will not qualify for the final standings or awards without meeting the three basic requirements stated above.  In previous years, a number of junior sailors have sailed in sufficient events to win Highpoint awards, but failed to qualify for these prestigious awards because they didn’t join CBYRA.  Make sure this doesn’t happen to you, and join early!

For any questions about scoring or the High Point series, contact our CBYRA Junior Scorer:
David Marcic  –  dmarcic@gmail.com