Mid-Season Update

The Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association is the principal organization supporting competitive sailboat racing in mid-Atlantic United States.  Three of our most important functions include (a) coordinate and publicize the region’s racing calendar, (b) provide organized public training about racing rules, tactics, strategies, boat handling and other topics of interest, and (c) support the sport ofContinue reading “Mid-Season Update”

The July Full Moon is calling . . .

Northern Bay sailors will be sailing under the full moon on Saturday, July 24th, at NERYC’s annual Moonlight Run Race.  Whether you are racing or spectating from a powerboat, it’s a delightful way to spend sunset and watch the full moon rise through a warm summer evening.  This is a distance race, set to be sailed in 5 to 6Continue reading “The July Full Moon is calling . . .”

Light Air Racing: Curse or Opportunity?

Excessive exhaling isn’t going to propel you around the race course. Embracing the reality of light air is a must. That’s why we’ve asked Dave Dellenbaugh to present a Q&A session that will focus on your questions and discuss topics like: • Light air speed considerations • Differences vs. heavy air • Strategy in light air • Downwind angles inContinue reading “Light Air Racing: Curse or Opportunity?”