Donate to CBYRA and SAIL IT FORWARD to the next generation!

By contributing, you respect our heritage from the past and aid in promoting racing today with educating new and existing racers. Contributions also help us provide grants to support regattas and our best and brightest athletes who wish to compete at the highest levels in and outside of our region.

Did you know that CBYRA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization? Our mission is geared towards four CORE values:

  • Communication about all things racing
  • Orchestration of scheduling
  • Recognition of success with High Point Scoring and Awards
  • Education of new and existing racers

*Please indicate which fund your donation should be directed to

Below you will find the four funds we have set up for giving to CBYRA and how they are directed. There are many ways to give.  Contributions can be made by check, credit card, and securities of any type. Annual or monthly donations are most welcome to any of our four funds, and do remember that many employers offer salary deduction programs or the ability to name CBYRA in corporate matched giving. 

  • The CBYRA Reserve Fund provides a means to fund special projects and programs of merit such as CBYRA’s successful Educational Seminar and Webinar series.  The Reserve Fund has provided CBYRA with the means to further supplement regatta support requests – particularly for junior and adult regattas, and championship events hosted by CBYRA member organizing authorities in the CBYRA region.
  • The CBYRA Regatta Support Fund purpose is to provide seed money or a budget booster to regattas of any CBYRA sanctioned class or classes.  We give to well-planned, organized, thoughtfully budgeted, large, prestigious events held in the region. 
  • The CBYRA Fund for Chesapeake Sailors is a donor account intended to provide grants to those CBYRA racers from our region needing help to participate in National, US Sailing Championships of all types, International and Olympic regattas. The Fund is solely funded by donations.  No donation may be designated to any specific sailor or campaign.  
  • The CBYRA Capital Improvement and Capacity Building (CD) Fund used to better serve stakeholder members of CBYRA by continuously investing in better performing systems that help us develop our abilities to perform functions, communicate, problem solve and set and achieve development goals. Planned examples include better web-based services for constituents such as improved website content, scoring systems, and stakeholder membership services through a Constituent Relational Membership (CRM) database integrated with QuickBooks. Entry portal MyCBYRA accounts for each individual and family will be included in this project – simplifying systems and improving our on-line infrastructure.   

Other ways you can give include donations of cars, boats, aircraft or real estate. We do reserve the right to accept or deny any vehicle which may impose a burden on CBYRA such as a derelict vessel.  We will work with you, your attorney, financial consultant, tax advisor and estate planning counsel to make all of this happen.  

In-kind donations of products or services such as marketing advice, writing services (such as producing a CBYRA newsletter, print services or accounting and bookkeeping) are always welcome.  Please contact us to discuss in more detail.