There are 14 sanctioned High Point regattas scheduled for the 2024 season around our region. Everyone is encouraged to attend as many as possible. To familiarize yourself with the criteria and scoring for High Point recognition, dates and locations of all our events, navigate to the Junior Regattas page.

Criteria to Participate in a Regatta as a Junior Sailor:

(1) Age:  Sailors may only compete if (a) they will not be older than twenty (20) years of age at any time during 2024 (i.e., their twenty first (21st) birthday occurs no earlier than January 1, 2025) AND (b) they have not competed in any collegiate sailing event prior to the regatta.

(2) Compensation:  As this is an amateur regatta held in the Corinthian spirit of competition, sailors may not compete as skipper or crew if they are or will be paid or otherwise compensated for participating in the regatta.  By registering for the regatta, each sailor affirms that neither he/she nor his/her crew is being paid or otherwise compensated for competing.

If your sailor has a race that they would like to participate in but does NOT have program support, please contact me. There are several member clubs that have offered to support sailors who need “on the water coaching” at events. This would mean you would have to get your boats to the events but they would support your sailor on the water for safety and some coaching. 

Safe Sailing!

Dawn Forsberg, CBYRA Junior Fleet Chair