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2023 Webinar Schedule – Replays available for CBYRA Members*

*Please note which Webinars require PHRF or CBYRA Membership, and the Webinars that are FREE!

1. CBYRA Membership RequiredRACING ESSENTIALS:
A thorough look at how to turn the boat and keep it in the groove, both upwind and downwind, for skippers and crew.  Monday, February 6, 2023Dave Dellenbaugh
2. CBYRA Membership RequiredRACING ESSENTIALS:
Part 1 – TACKING
A detailed discussion of turning technique, trimming tips, and tactical considerations whenever you need to tack.  Monday, February 13, 2023Dave Dellenbaugh
3. CBYRA Membership RequiredRACING ESSENTIALS:
An in-depth review of how your team should communicate and make decisions to keep the boat sailing fast and smart.Monday, February 20, 2023Dave Dellenbaugh
4. CBYRA Membership RequiredRACING ESSENTIALS:
An explanation of when you should take chances, and when you shouldn’t, and how to implement a low-risk strategy.Monday, February 27, 2023Dave Dellenbaugh
5. CBYRA Membership RequiredSAIL TRIM SECRETS:
We’ll define sail-shape terms, identify trimming rules of thumb, and talk a little sail theory to establish some reference points. Monday,
March 6, 2023
Dave Dellenbaugh
6. CBYRA Membership RequiredSAIL TRIM SECRETS:
Part 2 – MAINSAIL Trim
A detailed discussion of mainsail shape controls, and how to adjust them to optimize your main trim in various conditions. Monday,
March 13, 2023
Dave Dellenbaugh
7. FREEUSNA – Director, Offshore Sailing Team: 1200 MILE ULTIMATE FLORIDA CHALLENGE & THE EVERGALDES CHALLENGEThe Challenge, The Experience, The Lessons Learned.Thursday,
March 16, 2023
Jahn Tihansky
8.CBYRA Membership RequiredSAIL TRIM SECRETS:
An in-depth review of jib & genoa shape controls, and how to use them to optimize your headsail trim in different conditions. Monday,
March 20, 2023
Dave Dellenbaugh
9.FREEUSNA – Director, Offshore Sailing Team: CREW ORGANIZATION, TRAINING & LEADERSHIPHow we take kids from Kansas and turn them into Varsity Offshore Winning Teams!Thursday,
March 23, 2023
Jahn Tihansky
10.CBYRA Membership RequiredSAIL TRIM SECRETS:
Part 4 – SPINNAKER Trim
An explanation of symmetrical and asymmetrical spinnaker trim guides, plus trim techniques for optimizing downwind speed.Monday,
March 27, 2023
Dave Dellenbaugh
11.NOTE ***PHRF or CBYRA Membership RequiredTACTICAL USE OF THE RULES: Session 1 – Rules & Tactics on the Upwind and Downwind legsINTERACTIVE DISCUSSION – Upwind and Downwind Tactics: Managing Your Lane off the Starting Line; Finding the Escape Lane; Using Wind Shifts and Pressure; Quality Tactical Communication & Decision Making; The Three Stages of the Downwind Leg; Reaching & Running Strategies; How to Attack & Defend!Tuesday,
April 11, 2023
Dave Perry
12.CBYRA Membership RequiredWINNING TACTICS:
Part 1 – UPWIND Tactics
An in-depth look at all the subtle boat-on-boat moves that should be in your repertoire while racing upwind.Monday,
April 17, 2023
Dave Dellenbaugh
13.NOTE ***PHRF or CBYRA Membership RequiredTACTICAL USE OF THE RULES: Session 2 – Rules & Tactics at the MarksINTERACTIVE DISCUSSION – Mark Rounding & Finishing Tactics: Windward Mark approach, rounding, exit tactics; Leeward Mark approach, rounding, exit tactics; Tactics at Leeward Gates; Finishing Tactics Upwind and DownwindTuesday,
April 18, 2023
Dave Perry
14.NOTE ***PHRF or CBYRA Membership RequiredTACTICAL USE OF THE RULES: Session 3 – Rules & Tactics at the StartINTERACTIVE DISCUSSION – Starting Tactics:  Where to Start; Approaches to Win Your Spot – Boat, Middle and Pin; Building and Defending Your Hole; Effective Communication Skills; Positioning for Control, Acceleration and Speed; Avoiding Common Starting PitfallsThursday,
April 20, 2023
Dave Perry
15.CBYRA Membership RequiredWINNING TACTICS:
A detailed discussion of tactical tips and tricks for staying in control and catching boats while rounding marks. Monday,
April 24, 2023
Dave Dellenbaugh
16.NOTE ***PHRF or CBYRA Membership RequiredTACTICAL USE OF THE RULES: Session 4 – Other Useful Rules and Their Tactical ImplicationsINTERACTIVE DISCUSSION – Other Useful Rules & Tactics: How to Finish When the Course is Shortened; Giving Help and Getting Redress; Efficient Penalty Taking; Effective Crew Positioning with Lifelines; Rights & Obligations When Protesting or Requesting RedressThursday,
April 27, 2023
Dave Perry
17.CBYRA Membership RequiredWINNING TACTICS:
A thorough review of moves you can make on runs and reaches, for boats with or without spinnakers. Monday,
May 1, 2023
Dave Dellenbaugh
18,CBYRA Membership RequiredWINNING TACTICS:
An examination of tactical moves you can make for crossding the start and finish lines safely and successfully.Monday,
May 8, 2023
Dave Dellenbaugh

2022 Webinar Replays available for CBYRA Members

19. Next Season Starts NowJan 19, 2022Bill Gladstone
20. Perspectives on Bottom PrepJan 26, 2022Rick Truett
21. Take the Mystery out of Installing Deck FittingsFeb 2, 2022Rick Truett
22. Weather. Weather. Weather. (Intro)Feb 9, 2022Chelsea Carlson
23. Weather. Weather. Weather. (Bouy Racing)Feb 16, 2022 Chelsea Carlson
24.Weather. Weather. Weather. (Offshore Racing)Feb 23, 2022 Chelsea Carlson
25Questions on Rating Rules? We’ve got answers.Mar 3, 2022Panel
26.Gary Jobson Lecture Series – Championship TacticsMar 9, 2022Gary Jobson
27.Gary Jobson Lecture Series – Team BuildingMar 16, 2022 Gary Jobson
28.Weather Fundamentals for Race OfficersMar 22, 2022Chelsea Carlson
29.Gary Jobson Lecture Series – Building an Annual ProgramMar 30, 2022Gary Jobson
30.Gary Jobson Lecture Series – Generating SpeedApr 6, 2022Gary Jobson

2021 Select Webinar Replays Available for CBYRA Members

31.Winning in One-DesignsJan 28, 2021Dave Perry
32. How to Run On-The-Water ClinicsFeb 11, 2021Greg Fisher
33. Does That Really Help? Styles on the Race CourseFeb 13, 2021Tim Herzog
34.Maximizing Performance: old sails and repairs on boardFeb 18, 2021Jeff Todd
35.Preparing your team for successFeb 25, 2021 Jahn Tihansky
36.Teaching BoatspeedMar 4, 2021Greg Fisher
37.Managing an Olympic Campaign Mar 11, 2021 Randy Smyth
38.Shorthanded RacingMar 25, 2021Jahn Tihansky
39.Strategy & Tactics for Distance RacingApr 1, 2021Gary Jobson
40.Maximizing Multihull PerformanceApr 8, 2021Randy Smyth
41.Teamwork makes the boat workApr 27, 2021Bill Gladstone
42.Current – The Moving Enemy.Jun 3, 2021Dave Dellenbaugh
43.Light Air RacingJun 15, 2021Dave Dellenbaugh