One of the many grants that CBYRA has provided was for this group of Chesapeake sailors. They competed in the National Women’s Invitational Team Race for the Thayer Trophy, which was held at Corinthian Yacht Club in Marblehead, MA.

CBYRA Grant Program

CBYRA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. All membership dues, fees, and donations are used to support CBYRA’s programs and operations on behalf of the sport of sailboat racing. Among these programs is the CBYRA Grant Program. The CBYRA Grant Program is one of the primary ways in which CBYRA supports the sport of sailboat racing.

All donations received by CBYRA are dedicated to the CBYRA Grant Program. A portion of other income received by CBYRA may be dedicated to the CBYRA Grant Program.

The CBYRA Grant Program consists of two distinct funds. One is the Fund for Chesapeake Sailors, the other is the CBYRA Reserve Fund. Donations may be directed to either one of these two funds.

The Fund for Chesapeake Sailors provides grants to those member sailors involved in campaigns for the Olympics and National and International regattas and championships. Donations may not be designated to any specific sailor or campaign. All contributions are tax- deductible to the extent permitted by law.

The CBYRA Reserve Fund provides grants to member fleets and member clubs in support of regattas, sailor/racer education, and projects and programs of special merit and need. Donation may not be designated to any specific fleet, club, or activity. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

A single application process, detailed below, applies to both funds:

A. Grant Budget
  1. In addition to donations received for the two funds, CBYRA may allocate funds from its general operating budget to either or both of the funds.
  2. The amount that may be disbursed by CBYRA will be allocated in the annual budget as voted on and approved by the Annual General Meeting of CBYRA.
  3. The Executive Committee may supplement the annual grant budget, at its discretion while remaining fiscally responsible.
B. Grant Committee
  1. CBYRA Treasurer (who will act as Chair).
  2. The Four Division Representatives: Junior, Handicap, One Design, and Cruising One Design.
C. Grant Committee and Award Schedule
  1. The Grant Committee will meet within one month of the approval of the annual budget to decide the initial grants of the fiscal year.
  2. The Grant Committee will meet in March, May, July, and October to decide upon additional grants for the fiscal year.
  3. The Grant Committee may meet in special session, as required.
D. Eligibilty
  1. Applicant(s) must be a CBYRA member club, CBYRA sanctioned class, member fleet, junior program, or team of CBYRA members formed to compete in a specific event.
E. Application Process
  1. The application shall be submitted in writing to the Chair of the Grant Committee (
  2. The applications shall be submitted to the chair of the Grant Committee before the first day of December, March, May, July, and October
  3. The first page of the application shall state:
    • party requesting a grant and contact information
    • event/activity schedule and location
    • uses to which the granted funds would be applied
    • target audience and projected attendance
    • amount requested
  4. Additional pages shall include:
    • the complete budget for the event/activity
    • Other sources of funding and amounts
  5. Additional pages may provide further detail in support of the grant request.
  6. CBYRA may require additional materials to be submitted at its discretion upon review of the above materials.
F. Review and Decision
  1. The Grant Committee will review applications, decide which, if any are to be funded, and the level of funding to be allocated, if any, to each event/activity.
G. Payment & Receipts
  1. The applicant is required to provide a full accounting of receipts, costs, etc. for the amount of the grant.
  2. Unless specifically authorized by the CBYRA Executive Committee, payment of the grant will be made after completion of the event/activity and receipt by CBYRA of vendor invoices.
H. Publicity:
  1. When approved by the Executive Committee, notice will be published on CBYRA website.
  2. CBYRA will notify the Host Club.
  3. Division Representative(s) will notify Class(es) of award.
  4. Recipients shall publicize their funding by CBYRA by all appropriate means, including wearing CBYRA pinnies during racing, flying CBYRA flags, and acknowledging CBYRA support in interviews.

I. Contact Information:

Attn. Grant Committee
P.O. Box 5405
Annapolis, MD 21403