Mid-Season Update

The Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association is the principal organization supporting competitive sailboat racing in mid-Atlantic United States.  Three of our most important functions include (a) coordinate and publicize the region’s racing calendar, (b) provide organized public training about racing rules, tactics, strategies, boat handling and other topics of interest, and (c) support the sport of sailboat racing by providing grants to individuals, teams, fleets and other groups pursuing competitive sailboat racing, and to programs involved in maritime-related educational activities.

After a most challenging period of inactivity due to the pandemic in 2020 for most sporting programs, CBYRA has accelerated our efforts in 2021 to help our members and clubs re-engage in the sailing activities we all cherish.  

Early this year we held a scheduling meeting to coordinate calendars for this season’s sanctioned racing events, and produced and distributed the 2021 Green Book, which contains sailing instructions, course charts & marks, and a complete calendar for our region, including links to individual Notice of Race documents.  We also launched a new CBYRA web site to publicize and distribute information on the exiting activities that are available throughout our region for competitive sailing.

In the area of education, CBYRA hosted over 20 on-line webinars, presented by a collective group of superstars in our sport. Topics included rules, boat handling, weather, increasing boat speed, sailing in adverse conditions such as light air and current, and much more.  Over 3000 people participated in the webinar series, and most sessions were recorded and are available to our members for viewing at their convenience.  While we’re currently in hiatus while everyone is out enjoying what they’ve learned and actively sailing, more webinars will be offered again when this very active part of the season winds down.

This year, CBYRA has also awarded a number of grants to support individuals, teams, fleets and programs to accelerate their re-building after a challenging period of inactivity.  We sponsored a group of Chesapeake area sailors competing in the National Women’s Invitational Team Race for the Thayer Trophy, which was held at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Marblehead, MA.  We also provided funding to support the 2021 US Snipe Nationals which was held in Annapolis in June, the PHRF Northern Bay Championship, the 2021 CBYRA Junior Olympic Sailing Festival in Hampton, VA,  Junior sailors entering in the NOODs (J22 class), a J24 coaching & fleet building initiative, and joined a group effort to provide dollies for a community sailing center’s high school sailing program.  In each case, these grants have provided the critical funding needed to turn dreams into reality for Chesapeake area sailors.

For more information about all of CBYRA’s activities that help ensure the continued growth and support of area racing, club development and the advancement of future talent, see our website.  

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