Webinar Series: Sail Trim Secrets Starts Monday, March 6th


This four-part Webinar will be lead by Dave Dellenbaugh. It begins Monday, March 6 at 8:00 pm and continues on the following three Mondays in March. Each session goes about 90 minutes and includes video, diagrams, animations, and quizzes. Participant questions are welcome! Participants receive: links to attend all 4 live sessions; all ‘pre-read’ materials sent out before each session; unlimited access to REPLAYS of all sessions; a link to a Google doc with all the webinar Q&As. 

We’re taking a ‘deep-dive’ into the topic of Sail Trim each week! We will:

• Take a detailed look at how to trim your sails for optimum boat speed across a range of wind and wave conditions.
• Do an in-depth analysis of a different sail: Mainsail, Jib/Genoa, and Spinnaker.
• Discuss how to use sail controls to get the ideal sail shapes for your boat in various conditions.
• Cover changing gears and how to make your sails work together. 
• Apply content to a wide range of boats, for skippers sail trimmers, and other crew.

1 – Sail Trim PRINCIPLES

Monday, March 6 – 8:00 pm EST: We’ll define sail-shape terms, identify trimming rules of thumb, and talk a little sail theory to establish some reference points. 


Monday, March 13 – 8:00 pm EST: A detailed discussion of mainsail shape controls, and how to adjust them to optimize your main trim in various conditions. 

3 – JIB & GENOA Trim

Monday, March 20 – 8:00 pm EST: An in-depth review of jib & genoa shape controls, and how to use them to optimize your headsail trim in different conditions. 


Monday, March 27 – 8:00 pm EST: An explanation of symmetrical and asymmetrical spinnaker trim guides, plus trim techniques for optimizing downwind speed.

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The Webinar Series RACING ESSENTIALS, SAIL TRIM SECRETS, and WINNING TACTICS will be lead by this champion helmsman, tactician, author, coach, rules expert and seminar leader who has spent his career helping sailors sail faster and smarter.

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